Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen's Association
Shotgun Page
We shoot Trap, Skeet, and 5 Stand Sporting Clays. Shotgun shooting is a recreational and competitive activity where participants use shotguns to break clay targets flying through the air.
Trap is the oldest shotgun shooting sport in America. Trapshooting derives its name from the device, called a trap, which throws clay targets into the air. Participants shoot at the clay targets thrown from a trap house located in front of the shooter. The trap rotates in a random sequence, presenting the shooter with a variety of going away shots, angling to the right, left and flying straightaway
Skeet uses the same clay targets as trap. Two trap houses are required in skeet-a "high house" at the left of the field and a "low house" at the right. Both traps throw targets at fixed angles. High-house targets start at a point about 10 feet above the ground, moving to the shooter's right. Low-house targets move in the opposite direction starting from a point about three feet off the ground.
Many people think of sporting clays as golf with guns. For those of us that may be lacking in the time and money department, of getting a round of sporting clays in, there is an alternative: 5 stand. The set up takes much less space than a sporting clays course. It requires a lot less walking and saves a considerable amount of time. 5 stand is a cross between trap, skeet and sporting clays with the advantage that it is more action packed than trap, has more crossing/flying patterns than skeet and is faster and less expensive than sporting clays